Biblical Theology Bulletin

Title:   “Presenting the Issue: After the Jubilee: The Road Ahead”

Author: David M. Bossman  Date: 2021-01-28T05:50:03Z
Publication:  Vol:51   Numb. 1  Pages: 2 – 3

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Title:   “Psalm 104: The Panorama of Life”

Author: Robert Gnuse  Date: 2021-01-28T05:50:06Z
Publication:  Vol:51   Numb. 1  Pages: 4 – 14


Title:   “Four Women in Samuel Confront Power—Part 1: Contemporary Views”

Author: David J. Zucker  Date: 2021-01-28T05:50:04Z
Publication:  Vol:51   Numb. 1  Pages: 15 – 23


Title:   “The Word Ekklēsia in Matthew and Its Implication for Social Justice”

Author: Philip Suciadi Chia  Date: 2021-01-28T05:50:03Z
Publication:  Vol:51   Numb. 1  Pages: 24 – 32


Title:   “Scripture and Ideology”

Author: James A. Sanders  Date: 2021-01-28T05:50:04Z
Publication:  Vol:51   Numb. 1  Pages: 33 – 46


Title:   “Book Reviews”

Author: K. C. Hanson  Date: 2021-01-28T05:50:05Z
Publication:  Vol:51   Numb. 1  Pages: 47 – 64


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