Theology Today (latest table of contents)

Title:   ““Re-membering the Body””

Author: Gordon S. Mikoski  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:27Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 71 – 72

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Title:   “Living Tradition in Orthodox Theological Spirituality and/in Contemporary Society: Comments on Traditionalism, Traditions and Renewal”

Author: Nicu Dumitraşcu  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:28Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 73 – 87


Title:   “Evangelicals and a Theological Response to Globalization: A Commentary on Particularized Issues”

Author: Jennifer M. Buck  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:29Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 88 – 105


Title:   “Duplicity behind Stained Glass: Childlike “Self-knowledge” and the Role of Community”

Author: Robyn Wrigley-Carr  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:28Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 106 – 122


Title:   “Queer Families: Effect and Effectivity of a Reformed Theology”

Author: Mathias Wirth  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:28Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 123 – 139


Title:   “Exhibitionary Commerce, the Construction of Whiteness, and the Theological Sideshow”

Author: Lisa D. Powell  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:28Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 140 – 157


Title:   “Theological Imagination in a Throwaway Society: Contending with Waste”

Author: Christiane Lang Hearlson  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:29Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 158 – 169


Title:   “The Resurrection and Unborn Beings: The Seeds of a Materialist Emergence Proposal”

Author: Margaret D. Kamitsuka  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:27Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 170 – 181


Title:   “Book Review: Finding Jesus in the Storm: The Spiritual Lives of Christians with Mental Health Challenges by John Swinton”

Author: Philip Browning Helsel  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:30Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 182 – 183


Title:   “Book Review: Calvin, the Bible, and History by Barbara Pitkin”

Author: Kenneth J. Woo  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:29Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 183 – 184


Title:   “Book Review: The Hebrew Bible and Environmental Ethics: Humans, Nonhumans, and the Living Landscape by Mari Joerstad”

Author: Collin Cornell  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:29Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 185 – 186


Title:   “Book Review: Bloody, Brutal, and Barbaric? Wrestling with Troubling War Texts by William J. Webb and Gordon K. Oeste”

Author: Denise Dombkowski Hopkins  Date: 2021-07-09T04:26:29Z
 Vol:78   Numb. 2  Pages: 186 – 188


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