Pro Ecclesia (latest Table of Contents)

Title:   “Steven J. Duby’s God in Himself”

Author: Alden C. McCray  Date: 2021-08-20T05:34:29Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 261 – 264

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Title:   “Gevoel and Illumination: Bavinck, Augustine, and Bonaventure on Awareness of God”

Author: N. Gray Sutanto  Date: 2021-06-03T05:51:08Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 265 – 278


Title:   “God, Metaphysics, and the Discourse of Theology”

Author: Scott R. Swain  Date: 2021-05-26T04:46:06Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 279 – 290


Title:   “Analogical Predication and Divine Simplicity”

Author: Dolf te Velde  Date: 2021-05-31T05:00:20Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 291 – 306


Title:   “Further Thoughts on Natural Theology, Metaphysics, and Analogy”

Author: Steven J. Duby  Date: 2021-05-25T04:11:52Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 307 – 321


Title:   ““This Mystical Blessing”: The Patristic Roots of John Calvin’s Eucharistic Theology”

Author: Geoffrey Butler  Date: 2021-05-12T04:34:58Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 322 – 344


Title:   “The Body of Christ: An Aligning Union Model”

Author: Rolfe King  Date: 2021-05-10T06:19:41Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 345 – 370


Title:   “Book Review: Matthew Levering, Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: Love and Gift in the Trinity and the Church”

Author: Lauren A. Simms  Date: 2021-07-07T08:33:54Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 371 – 375


Title:   “Book Review: Aidan Nichols, Balthasar for Thomists”

Author: Endika Martínez  Date: 2021-05-26T04:45:49Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 376 – 380


Title:   “Book Review: Jason Byassee, Surprised by Jesus Again: Reading the Bible in Communion with the Saints”

Author: Geoffrey Butler  Date: 2021-05-25T04:11:33Z
Publication:  Vol:30   Numb. 3  Pages: 381 – 385


Title:   “A Barthian Critique of Schleiermacher’s Doctrine of God: Questioning the Schleiermacher Renaissance”

Author: Jared Michelson  Date: 2021-07-25T07:19:21Z
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages:


Title:   “The Cinematic Summoned Self: The Call of Christ in Martin Scorsese’s Silence”

Author: Joel Mayward  Date: 2021-06-14T04:01:20Z
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages:


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