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Title:   “‘From Childhood’: A Markan Soteriology for Victims of Childhood Abuse”

Author: Nathan O’Halloran  Date: 2022-06-03T02:10:10Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 181 – 191

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Title:   “Post-Conciliar Developments in the Catholic Doctrine of Charisms: Lumen Gentium and Iuvenescit Ecclesia Compared”

Author: John Stayne  Date: 2022-06-07T11:22:51Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 192 – 211


Title:   “Variations in Bible Translations: Necessity or Impoverishment?”

Author: Gerald O’Collins  Date: 2022-06-03T02:12:10Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 212 – 221


Title:   “Reading the Love Commandments and Learning the Imitation of Christ in Aquinas”

Author: Zane E. Chu  Date: 2022-06-14T12:17:17Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 222 – 236


Title:   “Book Review: «Scoppiò un grande tumulto» (At 19:23–40). Efeso, la ‘Via’ e gli argentieri: studio esegetico e storico-giuridico. Presentazione di Valerio Marotta”

Author: Luke Macnamara OSB  Date: 2022-07-01T08:51:49Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 237 – 240


Title:   “Book Review: Lively Oracles of God: Perspectives on the Bible and Liturgy”

Author: Liam Tracey OSM  Date: 2022-07-04T10:53:47Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 240 – 243


Title:   “Book Review: Maynooth College Reflects on Covid-19: New Realities in Uncertain Times”

Author: Alexander O’Hara  Date: 2022-07-04T10:55:54Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 243 – 245


Title:   “Book Review: No ordinary shepherds: Catholic chaplains to the British Forces in the Second World War”

Author: Barbara McCormack  Date: 2022-07-04T10:55:54Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 245 – 247


Title:   “Book Review: The Meaning of Protestant Theology: Luther, Augustine and the Gospel that Gives Us Christ”

Author: Earl Collins  Date: 2022-07-04T10:55:53Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 247 – 250


Title:   “Book Review: Communicatio Idiomatum: Reformation Christological Debates”

Author: Nathan Porter  Date: 2022-07-04T10:55:54Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 250 – 252


Title:   “Book Review: The Center is Jesus Christ Himself: Essays on Revelation, Salvation & Evangelization in Honor of Robert P. Imbelli”

Author: Aaron Pidel SJ  Date: 2022-07-04T10:55:54Z
Publication:  Vol:87   Numb. 3  Pages: 253 – 255


Title:   “Corrigendum to Recovering the Liturgical Background to Christian Atonement: The Approach of James Alison and Joseph Ratzinger”

Author:  Date: 2020-12-26T09:14:54Z
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages:


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