Pro Ecclesia (latest Table of Contents)

Title:   “Editor’s Note”

Author: Phillip Cary  Date: 2022-07-06T11:52:22Z
Publication:  Vol:31   Numb. 3  Pages: 281 – 281

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Title:   “Partakers of Christ: Union with Christ in Hebrews”

Author: Benjamin J. Ribbens  Date: 2022-04-18T09:39:38Z
Publication:  Vol:31   Numb. 3  Pages: 282 – 301


Title:   “Erōs, Ekstasis, and Silence in Dionysius’ Mystical Theology”

Author: Patrick Corry  Date: 2022-06-27T07:08:08Z
Publication:  Vol:31   Numb. 3  Pages: 302 – 320


Title:   “Supersessionism or Mutual Blessing on the Menu? Christ-Following Gentiles Dining among Christ-Following Jews”

Author: Jon C. Olson  Date: 2022-04-05T06:48:12Z
Publication:  Vol:31   Numb. 3  Pages: 321 – 349


Title:   “A Messianic Jewish Approach to Jewish Catholicism: Responding to Antoine Lévy’s Jewish Church”

Author: Mark S. Kinzer  Date: 2022-04-18T09:39:57Z
Publication:  Vol:31   Numb. 3  Pages: 350 – 388


Title:   “Toward a Common Jewish House in the Body of Christ: A Response to Mark Kinzer’s Review of Jewish Church”

Author: Antoine Lévy  Date: 2022-04-22T07:02:51Z
Publication:  Vol:31   Numb. 3  Pages: 389 – 413


Title:   “Two Necessary Paths to a Common Destination: A Rejoinder to Lévy”

Author: Mark S. Kinzer  Date: 2022-04-11T02:47:34Z
Publication:  Vol:31   Numb. 3  Pages: 414 – 428


Title:   “Confitendum et proficiendum: Augustine on the Rule of Faith and the Christian Life”

Author: Alex Fogleman  Date: 2022-07-07T06:59:37Z
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages:


Title:   “Dicit Augustinus: Model Sermons as Episcopal Formation in St. Augustine’s Tractates on the Gospel of John 55–124”

Author: Shane M. Owens  Date: 2022-06-20T04:15:29Z
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages:


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