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Title:   “The sacrifice of the Holy Christ in an unholy world”

Author: Sonderegger, Katherine  Date: 2023-02-17
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 1 – 9

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000680

Title:   “When prayer goes wrong: A negative theology of prayer”

Author: Cocksworth, Ashley  Date: 2023-01-10
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 10 – 23

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000692

Title:   “Reading Rahab: How criticism serves itself or eats itself”

Author: Goldingay, John  Date: 2023-01-10
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 24 – 30

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000709

Title:   “Rethinking adoptionism: An argument for dismantling a dubious category”

Author: Coogan, Jeremiah  Date: 2023-01-10
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 31 – 43

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000710

Title:   “Does Barth’s understanding of sexual difference conflict with his theological anthropology?”

Author: Wyatt, Jess  Date: 2023-01-10
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 44 – 55

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000722

Title:   “Trinity or German idealism? Reconsidering the origins of Herman Bavinck’s organic motif”

Author: Pass, Bruce  Date: 2023-01-10
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 56 – 70

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000734

Title:   “Katherine Sonderegger. The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity: Processions and Persons, volume 2 of Systematic Theology (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2020), pp. xxx + 580. $49.00”

Author: McFarland, Ian A.  Date: 2023-01-09
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 71 – 76

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000746

Title:   “David L. Eastman, Early North African Christianity: Turning Points in the Development of the Church (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2021), pp. xiii + 174. $22.99”

Author: Hoover, Jesse  Date: 2023-01-09
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 76 – 78

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000758

Title:   “Paul J. DeHart, Unspeakable Cults: An Essay in Christology (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2021), pp. x + 261. $39.99”

Author: Jones, Paul Dafydd  Date: 2023-01-09
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 78 – 80

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000783

Title:   “Anna Rowlands, Towards a Politics of Communion: Catholic Social Teaching in Dark Times (London: T&T Clark, 2021), pp. xvi + 315. £25.99/$35.95”

Author: Reynolds, Susan Bigelow  Date: 2023-01-23
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 81 – 82

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000795

Title:   “Scott Shauf, Jesus the Sacrifice: A Historical and Theological Study (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 2022), pp. 238. $100.00”

Author: Warta, Cody C.  Date: 2023-01-13
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 83 – 84

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000813

Title:   “David F. Ford, The Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2021), pp. xii + 484. $52.99”

Author: Cocksworth, Christopher  Date: 2023-01-27
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 84 – 86

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000825

Title:   “Jessica Wai-Fong Wong, Disordered: The Holy Icons and Racial Myths (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2021), pp. xi + 222. $ 49.99”

Author: Cho, Eunil David  Date: 2023-01-11
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 86 – 88

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000837

Title:   “David Bentley Hart, Tradition and Apocalypse: An Essay on the Future of Christian Belief (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2022), pp. xx + 192. $24.99.”

Author: van Driel, Edwin Chr.  Date: 2023-01-11
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 88 – 89

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000850

Title:   “Charles Halton, A Human-Shaped God: Theology of an Embodied God (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2021), pp. xviii + 221. $45.00”

Author: Cornell, Collin  Date: 2023-01-11
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 90 – 91

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000862

Title:   “Jordan Senner, John Webster: The Shape and Development of his Theology (New York: T&T Clark, 2022), pp. ix + 202. $115.00”

Author: East, Brad  Date: 2023-01-11
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 92 – 93

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000874

Title:   “Brent Waters, Common Callings and Ordinary Virtues: Christian Ethics for Everyday Life (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2022), pp. xv + 268. $27.99”

Author: Ellrod, Bryan  Date: 2023-01-24
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 93 – 95

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930622000928

Title:   “Angelo Di Berardino, Ancient Christianity: The Development of its Institutions and Practices (New Haven, CT: ICCS Press, 2021), pp. xvi + 701. $89.95”

Author: Phillips, L. Edward  Date: 2023-02-17
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 95 – 97

DOI: doi:10.1017/S003693062200093X

Title:   “SJT volume 76 issue 1 Cover and Front matter”

Author:  Date: 2023-02-17
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 1 – 4

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930623000030

Title:   “SJT volume 76 issue 1 Cover and Back matter”

Author:  Date: 2023-02-17
Publication:  Vol:   Numb.  Pages: 1 – 2

DOI: doi:10.1017/S0036930623000042

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