Theology.news is a website that gathers current information relevant for the academic field of systematic theology. The site is maintained by Fred Sanders, professor of theology at Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute, and Chris Woznicki (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary). It was designed and is maintained by Jesse Gentile, PhD candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Theology.news works by aggregating and linking to publicly available information. It relies on alert user-contributors who notice news and then relay it to us here. If you see theology news worth sharing, please send it to us at admin@theology.news.

(We will not usually publish information that can’t be verified at authoritative sites, so links and references are appreciated. We never publish anonymous info, and while we like to be prompt, we are not motivated to be first reporters of breaking news.)

The boundaries of the theological field are fuzzy, but theology.news is here to be useful to people whose interests are primarily in doctrinal and systematic theology, rather than in the most obvious cognate fields, such as biblical studies, historical theology, philosophy, religious studies, and spirituality. While it is neither possible nor desirable to exclude news about those fields altogether, theology.news is not dedicated to them, and will not attempt to report comprehensively on them.

We are a news site that pushes old news further down the page just by piling current news on top. We don’t delete old posts, so the further back you look into the stack, the more likely you are to be reading out of date information, expired calls for papers, and bygone opportunities. Scroll deeply at your own risk. Also, as a clearing-house for information available elsewhere, we do not maintain or update definitive pages about events. Finally, we do not normally post notices about job openings or searches. Do not look to theology.news for information about employment; it is wiser to use the standard professional services for that.

Thanks to the John Templeton Foundation for a 2018 grant that helped make possible the design and launch of theology.news.

If you see theology happening, let us know about it! Send updates to admin @ theology.news