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  • TheoPsych Academy

    TheoPsych Academy

    In our TheoPsych project, we provided training in the psychological sciences for theologians from around the world in 3 small, private learning cohorts. We brought in psychologists, skilled in interdisciplinary dialogue, to inspire conversations around using the psych sciences as a tool for developing theology. But now, we’re excited to share that the material from the seminars…

  • Blueprint 1543 – A New Science & Theology Venture – Launches

    Blueprint 1543 – A New Science & Theology Venture – Launches

    Justin Barrett and Rebecca Dorsey Sok have co-founded a new venture, Blueprint 1543, with a mission to integrate Christian theology and the sciences to answer life’s biggest questions. The Knoxville-based organization is focusing on three broad initiatives—leadership development, sciences-engaged theology, and science stewardship—supported by a portfolio of programs and projects. Blueprint 1543 will be developing…