Call for Proposals: Summer Workshop in Science-Engaged Theology. 8-14 June 2020 (Scotland).

The New Visions in Theological Anthropology: Science-Engaged Theology project at St. Andrews University has issued a call for proposals in regards to a Summer Workshop in Science-Engaged Theology: June 8-14, 2020 (Scotland).

This one-week collaborative summer workshop offers theologians the exciting opportunity to think carefully about theological anthropology on those questions that involve evolutionary biology, developmental psychology, and cognitive science. They provide full transportation, lodging, and meals; Stipend of £3,500, plus opportunity for significant follow-up funding (£25,000).

Full information about the summer workshop can be found here:

Readers may wish to note additional clarification about framing projects as “theological puzzles.” Additionally, as shown here, the summer workshops are scheduled to run for three summers in pursuit of the following subdisciplinary pairings: (1) Moral Theology & Evolutionary Biology; (2) Spiritual Formation & Developmental Psychology; (3) Ecclesiology & Cognitive Science.

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