Prof Christoph Schwöbel  (1955-2021)

We regret to report that friends of professor Christoph Schwöbel have shared news, online, of his very recent passing away. Professor Schwöbel was the 1643 Chair in Divinity at University of St. Andrews. Some of Professor Schwöbel’s distinguished career includes being professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Tubingen since 2004, teaching at the University of Heidelberg (1999-2004), the University of Kiel (1993-1999), King’s College London (1986-1993) and the University of Marburg (1981-1986). You can access a list of his sixty plus publications online here at the University of St. Andrews website. During a 2019 recording of Logos Summer Institute, here, Schwöbel was introduced as one who enriched the theological community where he worked with a brilliant mind and humble disposition.

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