Christ Among the Disciplines: Race and Ethnicity in Christian Origins and Theology

An Online, Interdisciplinary Conference on Christology: Race and Ethnicity in Christian Origins and Theology.

Participants in this online, interdisciplinary conference on Christology will hear from world-leading scholars in history, biblical studies and theology!

Amongst many others, conference attendees will hear from the likes of Ebony Marshall Turman, Amy Peeler, J Kameron Carter, Wongi Park, Lisa Bowens, Karen O’ Donnell, Katie Cross, David Horrell, Christopher Stroup, M Shawn Copeland, Janette Ok, Shively Smith, Reggie Williams & Andrew Boakye.

General Admission tickets are available for $40 USD, Student Tickets are available for $20 USD. Tickets are also available for those who would like to participate in the live Q&A.


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