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Analyzing Theology Series – Call for Monograph Proposals in Analytic & Systematic Theology.

Analyzing Theology is a series of short (i.e., sub 70,000 word) entry level monographs in Christian theology being published with Wipf and Stock. The series showcases work in analytic and systematic theology from world-leading scholars. Monographs in the series are aimed at: (i) introducing cutting-edge analytic and systematic theology, (ii) providing a platform for original contributions in analytic and systematic theology, and, (iii) connecting questions of theoretical significance to theology with the practices of actual theological communities.

There are forthcoming volumes in the series by Nicholas Wolterstorff, Eleonore Stump and Joshua Cockayne.

The series is being edited by Joshua Cockayne and Jonathan Rutledge. If you are interested in submitting a proposal contact Joshua Cockayne (jlc22@st-andrews.ac.uk) or Jonathan Rutldege (jr229@st-andrews.ac.uk).

(Cover image credit Berk Ozdemir – Pexels)