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Call for Papers – International Wolfhart Pannenberg Symposium: 24–26 April, 2024

The International Wolfhart Pannenberg Symposium and the research project Talking about Divine Action are pleased to announce a call for papers exploring the concept of divine action in dialogue with Wolfhart Pannenberg.

The talk of God as agent is at the center of Christian theology and practice, but at the same time it is also the point where basic theological programs show deepest differences. After the topic had been the subject of intensive interdisciplinary research for several decades, its complex theological and philosophical presuppositions as well as questions of theological relevance have recently moved into the center of attention. Wolfhart Pannenberg stands out amongst contemporary theologians who have dealt with these issues. Ten years after his death, the impulses of his work for contemporary debate are ripe for further development.

The following key questions, among others, are helpful as starting points for the discussion with Pannenberg.

  • In what sense is it correct to talk about God as an agent? Is it for example plausible to say that God has intentions or capacities such as will and reason? Which concept of personhood is in the background of such a speech?
  • Are there better conceptual alternatives to “God’s action” that adequately describe God’s relationship to the world?
  • What is the relationship between analogy and doxology in the speech about God’s action? How are subject- or event-hermetical interpretations to be evaluated?
  • What possibilities for thinking from the theological tradition have not yet been sufficiently exhausted?
  • How does the notion of God as agent do justice to its trinitarian-theological context?
  • Is the idea of God’s action compatible with historiographical principles and sufficiently reflected hermeneutically? Moreover, is it fruitful for exegesis or church history? What are the possibilities and limits of speaking of God’s revelation in history?
  • Which possibilities of thinking that have been worked out in the science-and-religion-dialogue are also theologically fruitful and which are not?
  • Societally, few would say that our contemporary situation is not one marked by crisis all around the world.How are we to interpret the nature and implications of divine action along all these lines? Does the idea of God’s action exacerbate the problem of theodicy, or does it rather offer the possibility of coping with it?Or both?
  • Does it make sense to abandon a predicate such as “simplicity” or to transform “infinity” into an adverbial phrase (e.g., God being “infinitely good”) from a theological or philosophical perspective?

The research project “Talking about Divine action” (Tübingen) is pleased to announce a call for papers in cooperation with the “International Wolfhart Pannenberg Symposium”, exploring the questions raised in dialogue with the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg. We welcome proposals on a wide range of topics on this fertile area of conversation concerning divine action and welcome all topics showing how Pannenberg’s conception of divine action can assist us in a variety of contexts as we make further progress in the world.

Proposals for papers should be no more than 500 words and will be evaluated on the contribution that they could make to the conversation, the clarity of the proposed research plan, and their significance for the field. Proposals should be received by 31 July, 2023 to receive full consideration. Email proposals to pannenbergsymposium@gmail.com.

Selected proposals will be presented at a conference at the University of Tübingen on 24-26 April, 2024.

After a proposal has been accepted, financial support for the participation in the conference can be applied for. We would particularly like to support those researchers who do not have their own funds with regard to flights and hotel accommodation. While we welcome attendance in person from all who are interested, proposals for papers to be delivered via virtual meeting will also be considered. At the conference, further plans and possibilities for cooperation on Wolfhart Pannenberg’s theology will be discussed.

Call for Papers: The Spirit, the Kingdom & Ecumenism – Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Doctrine of the Church.

The theological thought of Wolfhart Pannenberg has generated significant conversations, since  the publication of Revelation as History in 1961. Since his passing in 2014, dozens (269) of doctoral dissertations written in English have engaged his corpus, launching a new generation of  scholars who have been impacted by his life and work. 

In an effort to gather scholars interested in the legacy of this seminal thinker, the Pannenberg Symposium will host a conference on March 25 & 26, 2022, in collaboration with Loyola University Chicago, Institute for Pastoral Studies and the Hank  Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage. 

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the publication of Systematic Theology, Vol. 3 in English, this conference will address the following theme: 

The Spirit, The Kingdom, and Ecumenism—Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Doctrine of the Church. 

Thus, we would like to extend a Call for Papers engaging Pannenberg’s thought particularly as developed in Vol. 3 of his Systematic Theology. Potential topics include: 

  • Pneumatology: Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  • Ecclesiology: Nature and Purpose of the Church, doctrine of election
  • Eschatology: The coming kingdom of God and its establishment in history
  • Sacramental Theology: Ecumenical scope, presence of the Spirit in the Eucharist, ministry/ordination
  • Ecumenism in his doctrine of the Church and his work with the World Council of Churches
  • The Church and Society
  • Pannenberg’s political theology and engagement with liberation theology
  • Natural law
  • Theodicy and the coming of Justice

We are especially interested in engaging scholars from a diversity of denominational, cultural, and theological perspectives  to create a critical and constructive conversation about the significance of Pannenberg’s theology for contemporary thought.  Proposals from a wide range of theological approaches are encouraged. 

To respond to the call for papers, please send a proposal of no more than 500 words to pannenbergsymposium@gmail.com.  Proposals will be evaluated on the contribution they could make to the symposium theme, the clarity of the proposed research  plan, and their significance for the study of Pannenberg’s theology. Proposals should be submitted by July 1, 2021 and will be  subject to a blind review process. Doctoral students and junior scholars are encouraged to submit a proposal. A limited number or registration scholarships are available for those in need. 

The organizers for the conference also have two hopes for future efforts growing out of this conference. First, they will be  seeking publication for a selection of the best papers coming out of the conference as part of an edited volume. Second, our  hope is that the conversation generated by the attendees may give rise to further meetings of the Pannenberg symposium on  a regular basis. Scholars who are interested in such an ongoing project are also encouraged to notify the organizers of their  interest in this broader effort.