The Political Theology Network’s Dissertation Workshop

Graduate students working on political theology might find the following opportunity helpful. If interested please email Inese Radzins <>

Dear Friends of the Political Theology Network,

As you may have heard, the Henry Luce Foundation has awarded a very generous grant to help launch and develop the Political Theology Network. The grant includes a project geared specifically to graduate students in the area:  The Political Theology Network’s Dissertation Workshop.

A brief word about the initiative: The Dissertation Workshop will award up to 5 grants of $500 each for students who will be attending the American Academy of Religion (AAR) meeting in November.  Students are invited to submit a chapter of their dissertation to “workshop” with fellow students and four scholars in the area. The goal is to help facilitate completion of the dissertation and to assist students in transitioning to careers. The workshop will also provide students with a network of peers in the field and allow for a discussion about the state of political theology more broadly.

I would greatly appreciate if you could forward this announcement and the attached application form to any exceptional PhD students in your department. Applicants must be conducting research in the field of political theology or the intersection of religion and politics.

All the best,

Inese Radzins 
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
California State University, Stanislaus

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