AAR Places QR Codes on Name Badges but Reverses Their Decision

An email sent to AAR meeting attendees

Dear 2019 Annual Meeting Attendee,

This year, AAR and SBL decided to try a one-year pilot program of placing QR codes on attendee name badges, as a number of other associations do. The pilot was implemented with the sole aim of promoting fair use of name badges, and not for tracking individuals, holding on to personal data, or policing—which would go directly against our values and philosophy. We deeply regret the unintended messages the pilot idea triggered and have immediately withdrawn it. We are sending the badges for the Annual Meeting without the QR codes on Monday, November 11. In this spirit, we thank our members for their responses. We assure our members that trust is part of our ethos and that we will keep striving toward it. The AAR takes seriously that it exists because of, and for, all its members and those interested in the academic study of religion.

Alice Hunt,

Executive Director

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