Theology.News Will Start Posting Open Theology Table of Contents.

Theology.News will start posting table of contents content for Open Theology. Here are last years articles (2019) to get you started. Stay tuned for 2020.

Topical issue: Digital Humanities in Biblical Studies and Theology, edited by Claire Clivaz and Garrick Allen

The Digital Humanities in Biblical Studies and TheologyClaire Clivaz and Garrick V. AllenArticle Category:Editorial|Pages:461–465|Published online: 26 Nov 2019

Defining Digital Theology: Digital Humanities, Digital Religion and the Particular Work of the CODEC Research Centre and Network Peter Phillips, Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero and Jonas Kurlberg |Pages:29–43|Published online: 22 May 2019

Embedded, not Plugged-In: Digital Humanities and Fair Participation in Systematic Theological Research Matthew Ryan Robinson |Pages:66–79|Published online: 04 Jul 2019

Truth Communication in Times of Digital Abundance: A Practical Theological Perspective Thomas Schlag |Pages:420–429|Published online: 04 Nov 2019

New Digital Tools for a New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible Sarah Yardney, Sandra R. Schloen and Miller Prosser |Pages:80–94|Published online: 23 Jul 2019

Digital Tools for Working with New Testament Manuscripts Garrick V. Allen |Pages:13–28|Published online: 22 May 2019

The Impact of Digital Research: Thinking about the MARK16 Project Claire Clivaz |Pages:1–12|Published online: 05 Mar 2019

Digital Palimpsests: Mark in Trinity College Cambridge MS. O.9.27 Dan Batovici |Pages:107–115|Published online: 04 Jul 2019

The Bible in Arabic: Digital Resources and Future Challenges Sara Schulthess |Pages:217–226|Published online: 15 Jul 2019

Structural Visualization of Manuscripts (StruViMan): Principles, Methods, Prospects Saskia Dirkse, Patrick Andrist and Martin Wallraff |Pages:249–258|Published online: 03 Aug 2019

Spatial Analysis of New Testament Textual Emendations Utilizing Confusion Distances Vincent van Altena, Jan Krans, Henk Bakker, Balázs Dukai and Jantien Stoter |Pages:44–65|Published online: 04 Jul 2019

Presentation of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts: Bridging the Gap between Ancient Manuscripts and Modern Technology Stratton L. Ladewig and Robert D. Marcello |Pages:451–460|Published online: 26 Nov 2019

Topical issue: Phenomenology of Religious Experience III: Visuality, Imagination, and the Lifeworld, edited by Martin Nitsche and Olga Louchakova-Schwartz

Introduction to the Topical Issue “Phenomenology of Religious Experience III: Visuality, Imagination, and the Lifeworld” Martin Nitsche , Editorial|Pages: 403–404|Published online:21 Oct 2019

Objective, Intersubjective Mystical Relationships: Justification and Reality Michael Barber |Pages:198–216|Published online: 15 Jul 2019

God and Man as Unrepresentable Images Carla CanulloArticle Category |Pages:158–165|Published online: 28 Jun 2019

Dual Anthropology as the Imago Dei in Edith Stein Angela Ales Bello |Pages:95–106|Published online: 03 Jun 2019

The Way into Transcendental Philosophy from the Argument in Suhrawardī’s Philosophy of Illumination Olga Louchakova-Schwartz |Pages:278–298|Published online: 10 Sep 2019

Transformative Impact: The Environmental Significance of Religious Conversions Martin Nitsche |Pages:241–248|Published online: 23 Jul 2019

Transforming Representation: Jacques Derrida and the End of Christianity Martin Koci |Pages:116–124|Published online: 19 Jul 2019

Patheticness and the Mundane Phenomenalisation of Transcendence according to Kierkegaard Maria Gołębiewska |Pages:332–346|Published online: 02 Oct 2019

The Phenomenology of Sacrifice in Marion, Patočka and Nancy Petr Kouba |Pages:377–385|Published online: 05 Oct 2019

A Too-Future Eschatology? The Limits of the Phenomenology of Liturgy in Jean-Yves Lacoste Jan Černý |Pages:386–402|Published online: 21 Oct 2019

Topical issue: Existential and Phenomenological Conceptions of the Relationship Between Philosophy and Theology, edited by Nikolaas Deketelaere, Elizabeth Li, and Steven DeLay

Editorial Introduction to the Topical Issue “Existential and Phenomenological Conceptions of the Relationship Between Philosophy and Theology” Nikolaas Deketelaere, Elizabeth Li and Steven DeLay |Pages:482–485|Published online: 23 Dec 2019

Living in the Existential Margins: Reflections on the Relationship Between Philosophy and Theology J. Aaron Simmons |Pages:147–157|Published online: 04 Jul 2019

Kierkegaard’s Existential Conception of the Relationship Between Philosophy and Christianity Elizabeth Li |Pages:136–146|Published online: 15 Jul 2019

Sartre’s Godless Theology: Dualist Monism and Its Temporal Dimensions Renxiang Liu |Pages:182–197|Published online: 04 Jul 2019

The Event of Faith: The Transformation of Philosophy by Theology in Rudolf Bultmann Nikolaas Deketelaere |Pages:259–277|Published online:18 Sep 2019

Nikolai Berdyaev’s Dialectics of Freedom: In Search for Spiritual Freedom Raul-Ovidiu Bodea |Pages:299–308|Published online: 13 Sep 2019

‘No One Can Serve Two Masters’: The Unity of Philosophy and Theology in Ricœur’s Early Thought Barnabas Aspray |Pages:320–331|Published online: 01 Oct 2019

Michel Henry and Metaphysics: An Expressive Ontology Andrew Sackin-Poll |Pages:405–419|Published online: 04 Nov 2019

Another Name for Liberty: Revelation, ‘Objectivity,’ and Intellectual Freedom in Barth and Marion Kristóf Oltvai |Pages:430–450|Published online: 18 Nov 2019

Regular Articles

The Emotional Impact of Evil: Philosophical Reflections on Existential Problems Nicholas Colgrove |Pages:125–135|Published online: 28 Jun 2019

Panentheisms, Creation and Evil Robin Attfield |Pages:166–181|Published online: 28 Jun 2019

Being Gifted as Negative Certainty David Mark Dunning |Pages:227–240|Published online: 26 Jul 2019

Conflict Resolved: the Amity between Postmodern Philosophy and Theology in Gianni Vattimo’s weak thought Emil Halloun |Pages:309–319|Published online: 18 Sep 2019

Epistemological Reform and Embracement of Human Rights. What Can be Inferred from Islamic Rationalistic Maturidite Theology? Galym Zhussipbek and Zhanar Nagayeva |Pages:347–365|Published online: 18 Sep 2019

The Dialectic of Sin and Faith in “Being Able to be Oneself” Nikolaj Zunic |Pages:367–376|Published online: 16 Oct 2019

Pannenberg’s Doctrine of Resurrection as Science Jae Yang |Pages:466–481|Published online: 02 Dec 2019

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