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Call for Papers

23rd Conference of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion

God, Time and Change

University of Leeds, UK: 3–5 September 2020

This conference investigates the impact of time and change, as two facets of human experience and cognition, on conceptions of God, the divine and ultimate reality. While being a rich source for metaphysical speculation, questions about time and change also provoke discussion of what it means to be human, thereby having profound ethical and social implications. Reflection on time and change in relation to God, the divine or ultimate reality forms the philosophical core of many religious traditions, both theistic and non-theistic. The question, for instance, of whether or not temporality and change should be conceived as inherent attributes of God has been a focus of debate within philosophy of religion since antiquity. Time and change continue to be topics of ongoing research within many academic disciplines. The conference brings current philosophical and scientific theories of time and change into conversation with perspectives from the philosophy of religion.

Call for short papers

Short papers (with a reading time of 20 minutes) are invited in either English or German on the above topics. The questions are suggestive rather than restrictive. Please send abstracts (with a maximum of 15 lines) to espr@godtimeandchange.com by 15th April 2020. You will be notified of the outcome by the end of April. If you need an earlier decision in order to apply for funding, please state this when you submit your abstract and submit the abstract as early as possible. Inquiries can be directed to espr@godtimeandchange.com

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Robin Le Poidevin, Professor of Metaphysics, University of Leeds, UK

Prof. Lubos Rojka, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Gregorian University, Rome

Prof. Dr. Heiko Schulz, Professor for Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Faculty for Protestant Theology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Prof. Marcel Sarot, Professor of Fundamental Theology, Tilburg University, Utrecht Netherlands

Prof. Marius Timman Mjaaland, Professor of Religion, University of Oslo, Sweden

Dr Jessica Frazier, Hindu Studies and Philosophy of Religion, Trinity College, University of Oxford and Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Oxford, UK

Prof. Jayne Svenungsson, Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Lund, Sweden

Prof. Carla Canullo, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, University of Macerata, Italy

About the ESPR: The European Society for Philosophy of Religion provides a forum for researchers employing different approaches to the philosophy of religion. See http://www.philosophy-of-religion.org

The conference website: http://godtimeandchange.com

For the full CFP see: https://www.godtimeandchange.com/