ESSSAT book/dissertation & student essay prizes. Submission deadlines approaching (Nov 30 / Jan 15).

ESSSAT Prizes for Studies in Science and Theology 2022  

In connection with ECST XIX (2022, in Ålesund/Norway), two ESSSAT  prizes are open for competition between early career scholars working in Europe. 

The ESSSAT Research Prize (of 2500 €) will be awarded for an outstanding original  contribution at book length, e.g. a doctoral thesis, submitted to the ESSSAT Prize Responsible  by November 30th 2021.  

The ESSSAT Student Prize (of 1500 €) will be awarded for an essay of 10.000 words  maximum, written in an academic context at undergraduate or postgraduate level, submitted to  the ESSSAT Prize Responsible by January 15th 2022.  

The works, whose topic may address any aspect of the interface between religion/theology and  the natural sciences, should exemplify the aims of ESSSAT to advance open and critical  communication between the disciplines of theology, religious studies and science, to promote  their cross-fertilization, and to work on the solution of interdisciplinary problems. The prize 

winning contributions should be outstanding reflections bearing on the relationship between  religion, theology and natural sciences in contemporary culture. The submissions will be  evaluated based on their originality, quality, and relevance. 

A candidate for the Research or Student Prize must be nominated by a senior faculty member of a university or similar institution of higher education in Europe. ESSSAT membership is not  required. The work must be based on research done in Europe (with allowance for a period of  research elsewhere of at most one year) and have been accepted for academic credit, presented  or published in 2020-2022. It may be in any major European language. It need not have been  published.  

The prizes will be presented at the Nineteenth European Conference on Science and Theology  (ECST XIX), in Ålesund/Norway, 4-8May 2022. The prize winners are required to attend the  conference. Their conference fees will be covered. 

See official posts here —> a CfP for the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT), 

For applications, mail to ESSSAT prize organizer Andreas Losch (andreas.losch 

Each application must include: 

(a) The work itself as a pdf-file.  
(b) A brief curriculum vitae of the author (stating nationality); and 
(c) A letter of nomination. 
(d) Applications for the research prize need to add a ten-page summary of the work in English  (1.5 line spacing, font size 12). 

Submitted material will not be returned. 

The Organizer of the ESSSAT prizes: 

Andreas Losch 
Le-Corbusier-Platz 6 
CH-3027 Bern 
Email: andreas.losch @


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